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A Night Like This

A Night Like This

As morning creeps up from behind
I look back at the fading night once more.
Quiet, serene and secret -just the way I like it.

With the world unconscious, I'm getting away with something.
Midnight oil, you're my favorite libation.
How many times have you gotten me drunk?

Black turns to blue and that turns to orange and
Whaddya know, you've gone again to the other
Side of the world.

This eternal ritual stows my day-face away in favor of the one I prefer.

Wonder if there's somebody on the other side of the world who's right now
Bristling with private expectation,
Waiting, just waiting, for the cartoons to begin.

A night like this is the time to get down to business,
To visit with myself, check in and poke on some things
Maybe even read some old love letters.

This is when you come to me, woman.
You're asleep and I'm night-dreamin'
you're dreamin' of me.
It's a fine time
to wander
through the wreckage
of a love gone away.

But nighttime passes quickly and - after the cool dawn crawls up -
I lay down to sleep, thinkin' of you,
and hopin'
you'll wake up soon
maybe think of

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