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Hearts Lost In The War Of Love

Love, figuratively
Silently speaking
A mirage's partner
Bonding with
The void of calamity
The emptiness
Of Vanity's offering

Into the deceit
Lines formed
Ideals, born
Shallow depths
Crying for attention
Even though everyone
Has always been there

A fictitious event
Actors trying too hard
To say everything is real
While only sharing passion
Only when its time
For them to realize
That they have everything to lose

So many cries within
Those who cherish love
By finding it
All in the wrong places
Searching for perfection
Something that was never there

Then they boast
Hiding every insecurity
Through another soul
While building them up
Never themselves
Only to finally notice
They were never
The ones who were truly loved

The narcissist gets it all
The compliments, everything

Getting their already giant ego
Built into a colossal waste
Of energy uplifted
Even when it all
Goes away in the end

So much celebrated
By those who take
Everything for granted
Never earning anything

Destroying the sanctity
Of pure intentions
Hearts lost
In the war
Of love

It is time for the soldiers
To finally come back home
It is time for them to start all over

In this world
What is truly good enough?

Hearts lost in the war of love, scorned

What is good enough, anymore?

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Pablo Neruda

I Do Not Love You Except Because I Love You

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A gift of love! ! Light with the muse of the truth. Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
Beautiful poem, full of inspirations...Loved reading it.........Plus 10