JT (9/4/84 / ohio)

A Night Of New Beauty

i see here walk in with her attractive baby blue eyes
as she looks right into mine, her sanding i setting speechlessly
like a fool watching his queen walk and not saying anything to her
she moves to the table that i was setting at still
by her beauty in her from her head to toe
i hear her vocie say 'hey' as i still set there looking in to her eyes
i say back 'h-h-hi' with a bigsmile on hand
as we talk, chuckle, and learn more about each other
i still watch the beauty in her baby blue eyes
i have a great feeling ruching though my body
a feeling of warmth and may be even...
her name rings though my head as i lay myself to bed
knowing she cares

by joshua treece

Comments (2)

Josh! who ever this poem is about, you should defidently date, cuz yea, that would be a great poem to give her... lol
Very tender poem. Beautiful. Sincerely, Mary