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A Night To Be (Part One)
CM (01-05-90 / Hawaii)

A Night To Be (Part One)

She's leaning over the balcony just enough for her fingers to tingle.
Eyes closed, standing there in her soft white evening gown remembering last nights dreams.

'He was such a gentleman.'

The play was one of her favorites.
'Brilliant' He exclaimed passing through the exit.
They walked down the red brick road speaking of Operas, Theatres, and such topics.
He in his pressed black suit, Her in her open back black dress, heels in hand.
In the chill she wore his jacket.
To end the night a ring was presented on one knee.

'I can't wait until-..'

(Knock, Knock, Knock)

'Sweetheart, are you ready? The show starts in an hour.'

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