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A Nightingale
WK ( / Chicago, Illinois, USA)

A Nightingale

Beneath the stars and big full moon.
Among the hedges is its room
It sings loud songs. Its charming song
Is as a hymn to praise the spring.
It sings and warbles through dreams of night
In soundless stillness, wise and bright
This thrilling of the nightingale
Is with the strength that wouldn't fail
Its gentle bells run far away
To fill with joy the coming day
They are as a graceful voice
To make my senses to rejoice
They have the power to impart
And fill with warmth and hope my heart
I'm hearing with my eager love
With all the stars and moon above
I'm happy even more - delight
To hear, the thrilling sounds in night
Of little bird with such a might
In precious nice and passing sight.

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