A Nightmare

Oh tears of heart, of wondering thoughts and weeping soul,
Abandon me and never woes and pains recall.
Dreams withered. Words trilled. And fate did fall.
“Since time hath come, unleash thy soul, pray come with me.”
But nay thy answers, like swift arrows, came to be,
And my broken heart could not deny, woe is to me,
Thy merciless, forgone, and most wounding disdain!
How could my soul believe thy words insane?
And let thee me in murk impel and me ordain?
What did I do to thee to torture my wretched soul?
How couldst thou leave, oh most evading and heartless of all?
Thou hast grieved my soul and reaped thy unsealed desire,
And killed in me the fruit of season, my heart of fire.
“My hapless eyes, calm down! I wish I were a Liar, ”
My waiting soul murmured and grieved on me,
And fading days lay in peace since my heart beats were all in vain.
How couldst thou leave and seeing thee me deprive?
I wish I died and thou behind the hearse didst walk,
Wondering in vain what I this time to thee would spake,
Remembering the one who died before telling the secrets of her soul.
And now, as tears have gathered to flow,
I bend down in my bosom and dream there was never in my life a woe.

6 May 1997

by Montazar AnNayef

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