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Eulogy To God


The immortal Yahwah
The king of israel
The lamb of God
Ever living son of God
You are the first born of the dead
The bread of life
My solicitor in the law court
The good shapherd
King of glory
The spirit giver
The triumphnat king
The resurrection power
The prince of life
Who is the corner stone of the world.
The rod of moses
The almighty God
The rock of our salvation
You are the air that we breathe
Our helper in times of trouble
Restorer of all condition
The all powerful God
The consuming fire
The cloud behind his people
The am that I am
The shaking earthquake
The light of the world
The bright and morning star
The water of eternal life
The messiah and merciful God
The mediator, cousellor and supporter of the weak
The reflection of God's glory.
The lion of the tribe of judah.
The alpha and the Omega
The author and finishers of our faith
The wonderful counsellor
The prince of peace
The coming and ancient days
The root of David son of jesse,
The invisible God, unquestionable is your name
The immortal Yahwah, the lord of host.

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