A No Good Place

A Shitty Place

I remember a novel by Graham Greene "The consul" I think,
it was a hard time for the little man under the regime of Doc Duvalier
I was in Port au Prince, its capital and it was a shitty place helped by the USA.
I was a chief steward on a liner but was too scared by the routine brutality
that hung over the city like a cloud of a toilet not flushed. It was totally corrupt,
agents, guards and the dreaded Tonton Macute demanding
whisky and cigarette, I had an intense dislike of the people in power.
It was a shithole then kept like that by the USA who feared that a socialist
the party could take power bring peace and equality; well Duvalier
has gone but the stench from that time still hangs over the country
and will continue to do so as long as it suits the USA.

by Oskar Hansen

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