A Nobel Prize, Kim

Poem By Frances Macaulay Forde

'Sunshine Policy".
The flower has finally
blossomed in peace.

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Comments about A Nobel Prize, Kim

Thanks Martin and G'day from W.A! Really appreciate your keen eye and comments. Although I have changed the inverted commas (bad error - lazy of me) I think it conforms to the 5-7-5... 'Sun-shine pol-i-cy' The flow -er has fin-all-y bloss-om-ed in peace. But please, correct me again... where is the syllable out? It is always excellent to receive feedback - I particularly enjoy round table critiquing, makes me work harder... I will return the favour tomorrow after the launch tomorrow. (A new Poetry Magazine here in Perth - I have been very involved in the Spring Poetry Festival and we're just tidying up - documenting... etc.) I've also just done an anthology for the 55 poets who read at my Poet's Corner events. Please check out my website... although I have to confess, my best is often not put on there or here! I save them for competitions.
One syllable short of a haiku? Speech-marks don't match - one single, one double inverted commas? Otherwise enigmatic but somehow encouraging.

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