A Noble Thought

It was a noble thought
An honest decree,
To take this new land
And declare ourselves free

We’ll pay our new taxes
Given by king’s decree

Well maybe not
Through it all in the sea

With no one there to help us
In the kingdom we cant see
Our futures controlled
By the Kings decree

So we battle and fight
Our new land is now free
We don’t need him now
Or his decree

We’ll build our own future
On this side of the sea
Represent ourselves without his decree

We’ll elect our officials
Just watch and you’ll see
Our people will flourish
Through their electie

This thought was so noble
The land of the free
Where is he now, our electie

Business did flourish
Donations run free
What does it take to buy an electie

Our Congress is sold
The Senate is too
The electorate was supposed to be for me and for you

With no one there to help us
In that kingdom called DC
Your Constitution is leaving
By Presidential decree

It took a revolution of guns
To set us all free
This time, at least once
Lets try our electie


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So true...well written..