The Gift Of Friendship

Friendship, is a special gift that we should always share
with every living creature we encounter everywhere;
and if we give it freely, it need not be repaid.
It gives to us a bounty with the new friends we have made.

Friendship is contagious, it can spread throughout the land
it can fill your heart with pleasure just to shake a persons hand.
When he returns the favor, he will gladly let you know
he now considers you his friend and he will tell you so.

A friend may be a neighbor who knocks upon your door
to ask if he can get you something from the local store;
or maybe he's just someone else you know from up the road
who comes and does a chore for you to lighten up your load.

A friend may be a stranger who helps you cross the street
because he sees you're old and tired, not steady on your feet.
A friend may be a loving pet; a cat or dog will do;
Who, when you pat him, wags his tail to say 'I love you too'.

Friendship can take many forms, not easy to explain
even a storm can be a friend if it brings much needed rain,
So don't take friendship lightly, but treat it with respect
And try to be a friend to all; I'm sure God won't object.

So if you want to be a friend, and make your life complete
then from the start, give fellowship to everyone you meet
for when you give out friendship you're part of God's great plan
And you've just become a member of the brotherhood of man.

by James Donovan

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An old style poem. Didn't like it much.