A Non Stop Bragger

He told me that he was well educated and that he had been in university
And he knew a lot about poets and poetry and that he could boast of a literary degree
And that he was well versed in Chaucer and Shakespeare as well as Dante's Divine Comedy
But to tell the truth I found him rather boring five minutes talking to him seemed too long for me.

As he stood to leave the train and said goodbye at the next station the sigh I gave was one of sweet relief
I felt glad he was out of my life forever five minutes listening to him not too brief,
When people tell me of their diplomas and degrees without I asking, their achievements to others I do not recall
To say the least I find them over bearing and such people do not impress me at all

Of your achievements leave others do the talking and of your degrees don't want to hear you boast
Though I do respect the humble quiet achievers and to every one of them I'll drink a toast
I quickly tire of those who tell me how great they are and of their achivements I don't wish to hear
And five minutes too long listening to a braggart as it leaves me with an ache in either ear.

I may well be a cynical old fellow but to me a one way conversation seems all wrong
And five minutes spent listening to a non stop braggart for anyone might seem that bit too long
I did not ask him to tell me of his achievements but he told me of his honours none the less
And I am sure he will bore many others with his boring stories of his life's success.

As he stood and said goodbye on leaving the seat next to me the sigh I gave was one of sweet relief
Five minutes spent listening to a non stop braggart for anyone would hardly seem too brief
I did not mind him except for his bragging self praise is no praise happens to be true
And I'll drink a toast to every quiet achiever though the quiet achievers sad to say too few.

by Francis Duggan

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