Your Dream Came True

As her father you were quiet loved gardening and watching birds
You'd show her time and time again how actions speak louder than words.

You used to tell her how you try to live your life at a kind and gentle pace
So when your gone just the thought of you will bring a smile to her face."

You've been gone a long time now, but rest assured your dream came true...
Because on her face there still sits a smile...every time she thinks of you.

by Jim Yerman

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I am all in favor of poets at play with words like they're fingerpaints: - - - -A deep, delicious hush - - - - - - - - -The morn has been a feverish, restless thing - - - - - - - -the pulse of Summer ran too high- - - - - - - - - -as an o'erjoyed child may cease to sing- - - - - - - - - -A loathful silence wherein all sounds fail - - - -Like loitering sounds of some roundelay... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Lovely words, lovely sounds, lovely images
Simply a Superb Sonnet!
The morn has been a feverish restless thing In which the pulse of summer ran too high Simply superb imagery displayed in this fantastic poem. Thanks for sharing it here,
Wonderfully sculptured piece of work.
Awesome poem and you deserve this POTD honour.
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