A Nostalgic Young Man

His old Shire from the City a three hours drive and nostalgia can be a strange thing
For he miss the wide brown paddocks where the brown singing bushlark sing
He is doing his best to settle in to life in the big Town
Where all day and night on the busy street traffic buzz up and down
In the small Countrytown his mates tonight are talking of football
And memories of the local club's great win today with fondness they recall
And spare a thought for their City based mate and wish that he were here
For to celebrate another win and drink the toast that cheer
He will get used of City life in time he will settle in
As he is a gregarious sort of bloke and new friendships he will win
Jobs are scarce in the Countrytown and employers poor to pay
The small Countrytown that he came from a three hours drive by car away
The boss he works for is paying him well and for himself he is doing okay
But absence makes the heart grow fonder as some are known to say.

by Francis Duggan

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