A Note From His Late Wife

I never loved you less
The love I gave him
I gave you too
And though you're wounded for me
He is wounded too
You came in the flames
He came sinking
-Just to save me did
But I never loved you less
As my heart was shared
And though it broke your heart
But it broke his being
When I loved you like him
Not only his heart-
But his mind as well
I know I must make a choice
And that's what I do
-split myself in two
And give a quarter of me-
To keep him living

And now -is this the end-
For you cannot love me-
When I love somebody else
But I love you just as him
And he loved me more-
For when you are wounded
And your kidney won't work
He cried as I cried-
He saw me love you
And he saw me die
And for the love he had me
-Gave you his kidney
And now he would die
-To see me smile-
When you have me back
And now that he is dead
I have lost my breathe
And though never loved you less
I love him too
My smile is enough for him
But I can't have it now-
Now that he is gone
So my love I take this journey
I need must do-
For I love him too

by Adeosun Olamide

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