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A Note Over Coffee! !
GW (June 11 1962/ / London Ontario Canada)

A Note Over Coffee! !

It was early morning/Mid-July
My heart was hurting/wanted to cry,
I took a stroll/down to corners cafe'
my soul was screaming/her heart gone to play
A note in my pocket/I received last night
My Fair Lady true/she took that flight
the waitress brings coffee/noticed golden locks
she flashes a smile/looks me down to my socks
my fair maiden love/she has set me free
all I can think/how can this be............

Clear my fuzzy mind/sit for a while
that pretty waitress/surrenders one more smile
read this note/just one last time
she needs to be free/she needs to fly
gone to see the world/spread her wings
says her souls on fire/let freedom ring
order one more cup/than Ill hit the road
forget the note/for she has to grow
ponder for a second/what is wrong with me
realize that's life/ it just has to be

Smile at the waitress/just one last look
a heart felt stare / was all it took
I was snagged/ hook sinker and line
no need to be crazy/that lady is fine
one more chance/lets do it right
Lady rock my world/this very night
You and I /a dream come true
need to see heaven/in those eyes of blue
take my hand/ready.....set......go
teach me dear Lady/what I need to know.....

So we left that place/never looking back
on to paradise/in a new Cadillac
me behind the wheel/her by my side
hit the floor/let the dirt fly
pass the city limits/on route to no where
no single destination/no need to care
she snuggles in close/ everything is alright
I'm holding paradise/no need to fight
a crazy little story/this is how it goes
a strange twist of fate/only heaven knows.......

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Comments (11)

lol very nice write....so you left with the waitress? hahaha. A sad note a warm ending. keep writing!
I have to read anything with 'coffee' in the title when I need one. This sure didn't disappoint! Film-scipt-ish indeed.... excellent. t x
Hiaq Geoff, I guess I know who youre talking about, I think! lol, well written sentiment, Lisa
I like your fantastic imagination it reminded me of an old American film! Love your style Karen
Hi Geoff, thanks for your comments, inquistively I took a peek at yours..... how very good this one is. I like your biography, I too write however it flows. I shall read some more of yours now. HG: -) xx
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