(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Noticeably Aging School Yard Game

There comes a time in one's life,
No matter how they were raised...
And who wasn't there to attend their graduations.
That a placing fault and blame on someone else,
Becomes a noticeably aging school yard game.
Even to those children presently in elementary school.

Conversations based on consentual sex,
And baiting hatred between races...
Just to avoid things they way they are,
To feed an encouragement of more conflicts...
Is a sign of minds out of time and function.
And an observation of this is not a wish but in existence.

People have flipped out of their minds.
And it may be contributed to their diets.
Or a lack of daily exercise.
But whatever it is this can not be dismissed for what it is,
No one is in a position to accuse someone else,
Of being envious of their standards or lifestyles.

To say many people known,
Are already left alone...
In their own ineptness,
Is not a threat.
Nor is it a warning.
It is reality to others shown who see it.

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