(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Nourished Self Centered Pity

Punks, bullies, cowards and liars.
Deceivers who hide,
Behind identities to charade...
All seem to have one thing in command!
A masquerading of their delusions.
To commit an ambushing to be done,
With someone unknown to have it shown...
Insecurities they keep and in deep sick mentalities,
Has always been a claim to be the fault of others...
They wish to blame for not recognizing their superiority!
A superiority they wish to inflict with pain,
With a doing to have it felt and believed.
With an influence over others to achieve!
If left alone,
The condoning of a superiority would not be noticed!
It would not be known to perceive it believed.
And 'this'...
Those with evil intentions can not permit to exist.
They MUST be acknowledged!
Regardless if a nourished self centered pity is felt!
Yet from them does not leave to live life to respect.

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