A November Day

The pleasant scent waft in the breeze of the freshly mown hay
And the blackbird singing sweetly in the warm sun of the day
And the capeweed in their yellow blooms in their billions one can see
In the paddocks and roadside margins by the roadway to the sea
The rumble of the surf waves tells the ocean is quite near
And the familiar flute of the magpie is so pleasant for to hear
The last week of November and Spring is near a close
And a healthy rich red colour on the petals of the rose
A nice and a warm day in very late Spring and from the shrubs and blossom laden trees
The intoxicating scent of Nature's perfume is blown out by the warm and freshening breeze
The coastal countryside bathed in sunshine and white butterflies are dancing in the sky
And the dark winged welcome swallows are chirping as they fly
Above the sunlit coast lands on this beautiful Spring day
And in the warm breeze blowing the scents of bloom and hay.

by Francis Duggan

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