A Nowhere Place

Ever been in a place
Stuck in a race
Consuming, never presuming, and love it is
An all-encompassing thing

Feelings of highs and lows, ups and downs
Wondering if her love is as strong
No, I'm not wrongPatience is needed, allow to grieve
Then you will receive

My heart aches with a loss
She's not here with me, why?
Where is she?

She's there in my heart every time I close my eyes
On every face I see, in every word spoken
I thought my heart was broken

Look at her eyes, like stars in the sky
Glowing passionately, romantically
Endless and deep
Give most the creeps

One look into those eyes
It's like floating on a clouded bed
Yes! I guess I have lost my head
Now I'm off to bed

A nowhere place!

by Craig Piercy

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