A Nurse's Prayer

Snug beneath three dermis layers,
Lies the vein I have in sight,
Hiding shyly 'neath its cover,
Unknowing of the needle's bite.

Please be straight not convoluted,
Accept the needle's phallic thrust,
Don't give me grief or agravation,
Help me maintain the victim's trust.

Just another 'intravenous',
Like those before? Perhaps, not quite,
Cooperate dear vein and help me,
Mitigate this patient's plight.

Raise my spirits to 'ecstatic',
Singing praises 'Hippocratic',
Let today's procedure's juncture,
Culminate with just one puncture.

by Bill Scovell

Comments (2)

I just spent a week in the hospital. After days of having blood drawn for tests, one of the techs couldn't find a spot for another draw. I'd love to send this poem to them.
I hate needles Bill and i say that everytime I give blood. You got me in one. Well done.