A Ode To A Bird As A Courier!

Human feeling never dies till the end comes in life;
How can longing be satisfied losing dear one earlier?
Widows and widowers have trying time, if they are young;
But, getting a suitable better half is beyond one's scope!

The compensation for the loss is possible by expression
To some confident pal or intimate soul one only knows..;
Otherwise, giving vent to one's feeling in poems many,
Perhaps one may get some solacing response so someday!

For many, poetry seems to be best means to have a union
With a confident soul mate in the world somewhere beyond
Each other's reach except by the bridge of Poetry to
Exchange solacing ideas now and then to compensate a loss!

By a ode to a bird flying distant places can serve as a
Good courier who can deliver the intimate message better..!

by Ramesh T A

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