A Once Proud Nation

In the U S of A once a proud Nation forty million people live in poverty
And this is not something to be proud of in such a wealthy Country this never should be
The U S Government advising Governments of other Nations on human rights and democracy
But perhaps they should heed their own advice since in their own Nation there is huge inequality
The U S Government of late gave a huge tax break to every known multi millionaire and billionaire
Perhaps they would do a lot better if ofpoor people they took better care
Instead of helping the wealthy to get wealthier and it surely does not make any sense
That their helping of the very privileged does come at poor people's expense
In the U S of so much inequality the gap between the wealthy and poor is widening by the day
Though this is happening in every Country not alone in the U S of A
Though the U S Governments likes to preach to other Countries on human rights but would you not agree
That we only dislike in others what in our own selves we dislike and see
It used to be such a great Nation and in the eyes of the World to the fore
But used to be is in the past tense and what was is not anymore.

by Francis Duggan

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