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So apartheid is over?
I couldn’t tell
It’s Sunday I’m sure
I hear the tolling bell

I see them all;
So proud, so sure, so fake
I hear the call
I heed the sign;
Sleep and rest they will all forsake;
Is it time?
Yes the sermon has begun

When it’s over see them run;
Back to where they were
Back to their special place in the sun

We smile and nod and sing a song;
We laugh and cry and say it’s taken too long
Then behind closed doors we start again;
We relive the torture, agony and the pain

We live apart -
We say it’s a start;
We live next door -
We say it’s still sore

I am young
But the same songs I have sung;
But now I see
That to be truly free;
We need to let go
Let people know;
We are on our way
That I will say;
But without honesty the bell will toll;
And soon… we will all be old

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Comments (5)

I like your spirit, Zainab.
You got the talent and you have expressed yourself perfectly in your poem Zainab. Moving on is the job of you younger generation. I believe you, when you say not a lot has changed. I know quite a few South African, and they say the same. Keep the faith. 10 from Tai
Zainab, you've made your point exceptionally well, congratulations.
Impressive without pushing to be. Well done indeed. Are the eight little people in the title black, white, some of each? Best H
wow, lovely. i love.