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A Page In History

Along time ago in our very strange land.
There once lived a king who thought he was grand.
He wore a golden coat studded with gems and
pearls and a fancy wig with long red curls.
A generous man who was no fake, but he let
his heart rule his head and that was a mistake.
He gave land and money to those he did not know
and this brought him down to meet trouble and woe.
This then troubled land who had a great king,
where the people would cheer because of gifts he would
bring, but his generosity let him down and from his head
fell the crown. They said he was a traitor and on the scaffold
he stood and instead of the crown he wore a black hood.
This once grand king which was his right of birth
had failed the lord to his right on earth.
The Divine Right he thought was his alone
and because of this they dragged him from the throne.
'Take heed you Roundheads, old Cromwell said
King Charles is now well and truly dead.
'There will be no king, I will protect this land
With no crown on my head or sceptre in my hand!

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Comments (3)

Sylvia, that is a very imaginary and all-around great poem. Its any easy way to understand history. I could use your poem as a study guide on my finals. Superb!
A grand tale of the heart, thankyou for sharing your art, love Duncan X
A rousing and colorful retelling of a sad day in history. Excellent poem, Sylvia. Love, Sandra