EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)


The lot of love is chosen. I learnt that much
Struggling for an image on the track
Of the whirling Zodiac.
Scarce did he my body touch,
Scarce sank he from the west
Or found a subtetranean rest
On the maternal midnight of my breast
Before I had marked him on his northern way,
And seemed to stand although in bed I lay.
I struggled with the horror of daybreak,
I chose it for my lot! If questioned on
My utmost pleasure with a man
By some new-married bride, I take
That stillness for a theme
Where his heart my heart did seem
And both adrift on the miraculous stream
Where -- wrote a learned astrologer --
The Zodiac is changed into a sphere.

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Comments (4)

I really liked this one.It described exactly how I feel at times.And you can't really tell anyone close to you how you feel.I tried one time and was told that I was being too dramatic.Since then I just say that they wouldn't understand.
I agree with several others that you have a lot of wonderful phrases in this piece. Some of them are quite powerful in their impact on the reader. The reader wants to help you right now. Yours, is really a call to action. I think whoever reads it feels that way. GW62
wow. i love this poem. 'Just laying here dying inside slowly Pain twisting around in me Inside and out pain is all around me No matter where I go or who I see' <- my favorite.
No one even sees the pain I hold inside I can cry a few thousand tears and no one would even notice I know of that... people think I am all happiness and giggles but really I have a lot of pain just hiden inside me. good job. Becca