A Pain Release

Yall laugh, Yall tease, Yall criticize me,

Only because i had a different pain release,

I cut, I scratch, i erase away, only puts me in a shameless place,

Doing all that, i felt no pain, the only pain i feel is the unbearable shame,

My lane, my vain i cut away,

The judging yall do makes me hold my head and say im lame,

Yall laugh, Yall tease, Yall criticize me,

I leave and while im walking im crying inside, Teardrops on my heart thats what i say,

Now im asking God why hes punishing me?

He gives no answer, gives no sign,

So i take Mr.Blade in my hand and close my eyes,

Trickle Trickle dripping down, I collapse on my knees kicking and squrming on the ground...

by jermanee hart

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