NB (12/25/1975 / Armenia)

A Pained Reflection

I look at him.
I look at him everyday.
Never did he look at me,
Never did he look my way,
He looked over me,
Above me,
Next to me,
Never in my eyes.
All I wondered was what could I do,
What have I done to you.

I was there everyday,
Why won't he look.
It seemed funny to me,
The good old boy looked at many other girls,
Oh, lord, why not me?

I'm nice looking,
At least that is what I thought,
Maybe, it isn't my fault.
I'll try one more time,
I know what will work,
Oh, I would just die,
For just a look!

This morning I figured it would be different,
I will get him to look,
I know what will do the trick,
I will open my eyes when I shave,
Maybe this way,
My reflection will have its way.

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