CLM ([2-6-93] / Charlotte, North Carolina)

A Painful Past

Staring at a plain white wall
I've seen my life gain then fall
All the cutting, knicks and bruises here and there
Always wondering if you care

Never knowing what the day holds
Screaming, as it all unfolds
Crying on the floor, only seeing that you've gone
All this is been going on, for far too long

Lying on the floor, day in and day out
Never caring, without a doubt
Walking lonely in the streets, without you beside me
Nothing seems real, or ever too free

Looking over your shoulder, looking into your past
All this is going to finally elaspe
The pain I've been through, is hard to get to
The pressure suceeds, to its finally degree

Tossing and turning in the bed at night
Always waking up, in a dreadful fright
Looking up at you, with a knife and blood on it
Looking down at the gash, that was caused by your hit

But now my plain white wall, covered in blood and ripped away
For now you've killed me, getting me out of your way.

*These are true events which occured at one point in my life. Be thankful for those who get what they deserve, but don't be thankful for the one's who've been hurt for no reason*

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deep poem great use of imagery