The Food Of Love

What would you like for supper,
Some steak, with chips and peas,
Maybe, a nice brewed cuppa,
Or me, with lips that please.

You could have something spicy,
Like a curry or sweet and sour,
But these can be a bit spicy
And not good, at this late hour.

Perhaps a glass of beer, or shandy,
Or a brandy to fill the gap,
But, of course, that might make you randy,
Hey! Have that as your nightcap!

There's me, I'm sweet and slender,
And tender like the steak,
And if you put me in a blender,
A fantastic meal, I'd make.

There's food enough for your pleasure,
So don't say you aren't well fed,
When you start to realise I'm a treasure,
You could have 'hot crumpet' in your bed!

© Ernestine Northover

by Ernestine Northover

Comments (5)

Pairing is deluding! Nondualism [Monism or Secondlessness] if the Jnana. Nice treat with subtle massage. Ten. Sir. Ms. Nivedita UK
good meaningful poem, Sir...pairs complimentary to each other maintain the universal equilibrium...thanks for your wise words...10
The beauty of the 'opposition'
that is such a great poem and all your phrases are true. I love it. are so right.This world is full of pairs..loved the concept of the poem! Preets