A Pair Of Wings

I was born with a pair of wings
And since young I had always wanted to fly
Life seemed easier back then
And my dream was to soar up high

"Then fly you shall, " they said
"But you'll have to learn how to walk first"
And so I did just that so easily
But then things just got harder and worse

I was then made to learn more
And in the process they ripped off my wings
They said I'v to learn to run and climb
And I've passed them all except to swim

"I just can't, " I said in desperation
In my heart oh how I wished it was easier
And after so many times with no success
I was finally deemed a failure

It was really disheartening
When it hit me that I will never fly high
Simply 'cause I had failed in something else
I've to wave my only dream goodbye

Till one day I met a friend
Who walked, ran and climb with me
But unlike him, I stopped there
While he managed to swim successfully

"So what now? " I asked him
"What was your dream that you wanted so bad? "
"Fly, " he said to me, not sounding certain
"But I've got no wings on my back."


by Fareez Nasir

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