A Palestinian That's Who I Am!

Yes, I am a PALETINIAN and I’m proud to be
I don’t give a damn on what people think about me
A strong and fearful PALESTINIAN, yeah that’s who I am
If you wanna insult me come say it to my face...That’s if you can
I am a PALESTINIAN the fire is burning inside of me
The brightness of this fire makes the whole world see
What PALESTINIANS are made of
And we aren’t just made of flesh and blood
We will destroy our enemies…we will create a flood
Israel, , just wait we shall come
Where you won’t see the blue sky not even the sun
Don’t think that by killing and torturing us, you’ll ever reach the top
Because our courage and bravery that lies deep beneath us will never stop
Try taking our morality and honesty towards our country and people away
Do whatever you want…Say whatever you say
This is my country and I’ll defend it no matter what it takes
A fight that is not acted a fight that cannot be faked
We- PALESTINIANS- do not fear death
It’s death that fears us... Even from the sound of our breath
PALESTINIANS… a PALESTINIAN where you Israel will never be
And if you deal with another PALESTINIAN then you’re dealing with me
Ohh yes, I am a PALESTINIAN, a PALESTINIAN from head to toe
Something you Israel even if you try will never ever understand or know…

by Marria Attar

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A very Important thought, wonder, agony, feeling, warm breathe, all expressed in the touching poem mam, what can we do, Thanks and joining with tears, and cant blame anybody, faith, Thank you Maria,