A Palm-Tree

A single fir-tree, lonely,
on a northern mountain height,
sleeps in a white blanket,
draped in snow and ice.

His dreams are of a palm-tree,
who, far in eastern lands,
weeps, all alone and silent,
among the burning sands.

by Heinrich Heine

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In German, Ein Fichtenbaum (a spruce) is a masculine noun and einer Palme (palm tree) is feminine. Given that Heine's early poetry was in the full Romantic tradition, I think the poem is about yearning of a male for a female perhaps a lost love. Placing this yearning in the context of nature is a common element of romanic poetry.
An excellent expression. Beautiful poem.
hmm very good....... and very inspiring
Grass is always greener on other side! Beautifully expressed.
His dreams are of a palm-tree, ..... well done by Heinrich Heine
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