A Paper Deed By Law

A paper deed by law may give you a legal claim to property and land
And this in itself is not hard to understand
But when you say you own land i feel you have it wrong
For how can one own to what one does belong?

From the Earth Mother who feeds us we take and we take and in return to her little give
Yet for life on her we do depend for as long as we live
When i say the land it is hers many would disagree
But what does seem untrue to many is so true to me

It is a fact of life and fact never lie
We are born as mortals and mortals do die
And whether our remains burn to ash or are buried and left to decay
To the Earth Mother who feeds us we will return to one day

We cannot own land since the land us does feed
And our only claim to it is a legal paper deed
That claim we do own it until our life journey end
Just words written on paper why otherwise pretend.

by Francis Duggan

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