(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

A Parallel Reality

Nothing wrong with reality, yet living in the
perspective of a pre-defined inter-subjective
world-view is boring and lonely and empty,
nothing fills the enormous gaps in-between
objects and events, realism does not work
for me, I dug up a book introduced by Ram
Dass and written by Stanton and Rodegast

Started weaving the unreal strands of a very
personal subjective world behind the smoke
screen of the one we share and enjoyed the
scene created by my characters who never
lived or existed, looked at the population of
imaginary people found in books who all fit
in perfectly and sighed in the happiness of

Familiarity, the emptiness in between the
solid blocks of general awareness is filling
in and the unreal strands of fantasy creates
a parallel universe sanctified by quantum
physics which states that whatever we
can imagine - has the right to exist!

29 January 2014

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right to exist, I like it, thanks.