(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Parody

What is a parody?

'That's when something meant,
To mean one thing to intend...
But is made to make it funny,
By having it seen as something else.'

I thought the same thing too.
But when I asked daddy,
He thought I said a pair of D's.
And he started laughing.
Then he said,
That you use to have a pair of B's,
Before I changed them to D's.
What did he mean by that, ma?

'Go tell 'your' FATHER...
There will be no F's in this house,
For a long time.'

Oh no.
I don't want to remind him,
About that 'one' I brought home last year.
He got 'real' upset.

'Yes. I remember it.
That's why I keep telling you to use the dictionary,
If you are not sure of what a word means. Okay?
Learn to use that as a tool.
Come to know it and keep it near your hands.
It's very important.
You will find one day it impresses the young ladies.'

Keep it near my hands and use as a tool?

'That's what to do.
You'll come to know how important that is.'

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