A Parody 'No Racial Prejudice Intended'

Came to Australia short of a bob
Went to Centrelink for job
But lady behind the counter say
You don't have to work, we pay.

We'll upkeep you your wife and family
Methought that damn good idea
Each morning you stay in bed
Aussie go to work instead.

Thank you Aussie you are great
You put meat upon my plate
Better far than rice and tea
This the life the life for me.

Thank you Pete Costello and John Howard
By the Gods you are empowered
Of your kindness taken note
Next time for Liberal we vote.

Good Australian I can speak
Plenty time to learn all week
Now I speak the English good
And I can be understood.

Australian I can imitate
I use words like 'good day mate'
And I feel Aussie to the core
Could I ask or wish for more?

And thank you Australia for everything
Made me welcome as a king
And I feel only love for you,
Your's sincerely, Kung Fung Loo.

by Francis Duggan

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