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A Part Of Her Life
KX (March 27 / Long Island, NY)

A Part Of Her Life

A 4 year old girls smile slid off her face,
As her simple life was soon to be replaced.
The day mommy took daddy out of her life,
The day that started all of her worlds strife.

A 6 year old girls heart got torn out of her chest,
As her anger from the divorce took over the rest.
The day she had her first push to the ground,
Was the first day she stopped being pushed around.

An 8 year old girls words stolen from her mouth,
Her respect for adults was lost as well as her health.
The day she was grabbed from within school fence,
The day she used her anger for her own defense.

A 9 year old girls life finally looked well,
Until the day the devil came out of hell.
A phone call, a visit it all fell out of place,
Her new beginning was quickly erased.

A 12 year olds faith falls onto the plate,
A chance falls from the sky to make a clean slate.
Then everything starts al over again,
Except worse then the bruises on her hand.

A 13 year olds mind lost in the ugly world,
Her feelings and hormones fly around all swirled.
The fights and pressure she just needed an escape,
The color of red from her wrists drew on her landscape.

A 14 year olds pride was lost many years ago,
Since she was 4 she tried to take her life slow.
But every things worse then it has been before,
So what's the point for this girl to stay around to see what's in store.

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Comments (2)

Great poem. A true and harsh portrayal coming from straight from the heart. ~Amber~
Don't worry Katie! it really does get easier. You have all that behind you know, and you will understand more as life goes on. You are on the cusp of youthful dawning, it will be great. Nice poem, keep writing,8 from Tai