A Part Of Life's Plan

Poem By Tom Maxwell

We are tested in life, in so many ways, and believe me the hardest, is when someone we love, journeys to their next life, always a cloudy day.

Others will say they are sorry, and offer anything they can do, but no one can ever fill the hollow space, it leaves inside of you.

Why will be the question, that will often come to our mind, and we will never know the answer, as we travel through life, this time.

We will never again, in this life, see their physical being, but often in our times of struggle, we will receive guidance, and help that their spirit will bring.

It reminds us of how much, we don't know, and understand, but we must be strong, and carry on, for it is a part of this life's plans.

It helps us appreciate people, for the happiness, and joy they bring, and not worry so much about material things.

Be thankful you knew them on earth for the years you were brought together, and always remember, in a few short years we will also move on, and our spirits, and souls, will be together, forever.

Comments about A Part Of Life's Plan

We must remember that life is an open book until death takes over. Appreciate your heartfelt words and beliefs. A beautiful way to see life. Thank You
Very well said, Tom. God has a plan for each of us, and when someone we love is taken away, it is because He needs them more than we do.

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