Want is the crop of give
Every bond is strategic
With friendly objective

Kith and kin— love and hate
Birth or death— friend or foe
— hidden fiber of latent snake

Success is correlated
With milk and banana stock

by Ashraful Musaddeq

Comments (7)

Very meaningful and meditative poem. Well penned. Great Enjoyed reading it Thanks for sharing with me
'what is this i have in me i cannot show to all'... good phrasing there...liked...10...
a part of me to a part of it I become as a i grow in it's warmth within me..Very original poem one of your own +++10 The soul indeed is whole being and no one can hide shows in the eyes in the manner of his self...just look in the face of Nelson Mandela. regards Do you notice poeple leaving this site and viewing numbers falling
That soul never dies, but only the body grows and dies
An extraordinary poem, but very well written. one of your better works. Lynn
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