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A Part-Time Widow

She's a part-time widow from the kind of life I've led,
Now let me explain those words I just said.
Many long nights has a truckdrivers wife,
She's a highway widow with a lonely kind of life.
Standing by a window looking down this long highway,
Hoping to see a semi, that I might get home today.
But there are snow clouds hanging low there in the sky.
The light is slowly fading as the day goes drifting by.
I can feel the chill as the cold winds blow,
See ice on my windshield and hard blowing snow.
Sometimes I wonder why I just have to roam,
How I can leave my family with my loved one alone?
I will take some old truck and down the highway I go,
With only one reason, 'tis the only job I know.
The highways I'll use is something she just don't know,
Nor when I will get back, or where I'll have to go.
The nights are so lonely after each day is done,
I pray for my darling, she is my only one.
Dream about my loved one as down the road I go,
I will love her forever this I surely know.
A part time widow must be lonesome you can see,
But my love will stay with her, wherever I might be.

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