A Particle Of Sand

When a particle of sand asked the desert,
Why the wind carries me from place to place?
Why I am not a particle of the fertile soil?
That withstands the heavy rains and blow of winds,
I see a beautiful life that I don't have.
I am jealous Oh my full! Please do something.

The desert smiled and said, look at me,
I am made of infinite sand particles,
That is why I am neat and clean and pure,
For becoming a fertile soil you will have to accept,
Rotten and impure organic substances, and then,
You will be fertile but dirty and impure.
You are pure like an angel with shines and brightness,
See your beauty when you reflect sun light and moon light.

The sand particle cried and told the desert,
If I shall be a particle of a fertile land,
I shall produce grains and fruits and flowers,
I shall enjoy the lovely showers, and when,
Greenery will come out of me, the sons and daughters,
Of Adam and Eve will call me a mother,
My Full! Let me become dirty and impure!
I want to reproduce, let the wind carry me to a fertile land.

by Akhtar Jawad

Comments (6)

Wow, the grass on the other side is always greener and what we have seldom we enjoy and value it and cry for what is not with us or what we are not, You nailed the very basic nature of humans with the example of the sand and mud. Outstanding poem Janab,
A thoughtful imagery..........................10
Wonderful poem. I agree with Valsa's comment. This poem reflects in another way too. One should be happy with whatever one has. Not necessary all land are fertile, there are barren land too. Similar is the case of life too. One has to accept as it is. That's the beauty of life. I appreciate the barren land too. A thought provoking poem which reflects in many angle. Beautifully related to our lives too. Loved reading it.
A deep philosophic poem, well described theory of immigration.
Let me become dirty and impure! I want to reproduce, let the wind carry me to a fertile land.................from my heart i would like to say i adore this poem....great work....beyond imagination....
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