A Party

A Party

every decade theirs
seems to be a party
of sorts.

a party to celebrate
to pull others in
to feel a part of

inclusion that
often unifies in
the exclusion
of others

the promise of
wealth and progress
while those not
included are meant
to digress and are
of no importance

beyond those who've
been invited to enjoy
the spoils of war
the spoils of commerce
that always exacts
it's price from those
who are outside
of the party

denied their human rights
for the sake of a party
celebrating the plight
of others and reaping
the rewards that they
believe are their
right to reap.

nothing is a party
unless it's a birthday
a wedding
a gathering of
friends celebrating

but those of war
or corporate greed
of money or technology
that seduce their
followers through
words and invites
of profits in
success, to be
amongst those
they choose to
be the best..

until the party

and the segregation
is exposed to the
awareness of those
who drank the
koolaid without
the thought
that they are
a part of
the demise
and the lies

that come as
no surprise
to those they
had denied

by Pamela Horowitz

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