A Past Of Tear's

Poem By Kayode Benjamin Benorosco

And i opened my eyes agape to the first morning of my life,
On my mothers back i felt the first cold morning dews dat my history will ever record,
Tears was the first visitor, and pain was the knwn childhood friend,
With my young hands i itched my tender eye wit my whole little strenght as if they were nt mine.
I itched and itched wit the hope of getting the pains in them out.
Pains stayed in my eyes wit their vows that they will be there 4ever.
I cried out oceans wit the believe dat my pains go wit the tears.
But their over population grew..hmmm pains were the pest my eyes hosted....Then i grew to reach an undastanding that there was an enemy called poverty...And came to realization that it was a friend of the family...
Born without a silver spoon..gradually grew up eating between thorns....
My future i knoweth nt..my prayers ye knoweth nt..bt a past of tears was my story..my history..a past of tears was my tale...the past i lived was in respect to tears..hmmmmmmm

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For Murna

I will love you as though my breath is connected to it
You are the disk jockey that mixes my heart beat
The skies will always be blue here
You have made me to love amidst fears..

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I have seen you in my dreams,
I have seen you in reality,
I have watched you cry and laugh,
I have watched you sleep and wake,

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In the midst of trouble she gave me hope
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