(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Past You Trashed

What is it you've contributed,
That warrants your demands to get...
Immediated attention,
Undivided by those who have focused...
Their priorities meant with intent,
To move forward.

What is it that you've brought,
To any table besides an appetite sought...
To feed your selfish needs to then argue,
Over who made choices of the menu.

And where did you learn those lessons taught,
That has you believing...
Garbage you toss you can leave as you please.
With a doing to think,
You shouldn't roll up your own sleeves.
But you are qualified to supervise,
Others to clean up a past you trashed.

You continue to excuse your position to sit.
While complaining about opportunities,
Some receive that you don't get.
And everyday that comes,
You've got something else negative to say.
That has you portrayed as being the victim.

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