DLK (Dec.1948 / Lake Forest, Illinois)

A Path In The Snow

In cold dark night it came from sky, no longer holding back,
It slowly drifted to the earth, this cold and wet attack,
The whole night through it floated down, and covered all the ground,
By morning time a scene so grand, would soon by all be found.

So soft and fresh just laying there, it begs for us to touch,
As when a child comes out to play, the snow just tempts their clutch
Remember when you were a child, snowballs were for throwin'?
It seems those things will never change, that's even if you've grown.

You walk into the woods expanse, the air is clean and crisp,
Your breath is seen as clouds so close, a gentle little wisp,
The path you walk leaves footprints clear, that everyone can see,
A new path forged as though designed, and made by your decree.

The untouched snow where ere we go, paths for others follow,
Until there's path that others made, and then it's you that wallow,
Though some will follow some will not, for each the choice is made,
To make your own or follow paths, much like ones life is played.

Adventure comes to those who live, within this strange old world,
You choose your path to break new ground, or follow others hurled,
Each day anew the paths are made, surrender to the Spirit,
So when you walk the untouched snow, only snow can clear it.

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