A Path’s Logic

Poem By jathin aka jesuzz

As I walk the path,
I see its ahead of me,
It is also behind me.
I have seen it now.
Yet long before you were there
Was it my blindness
Or my failure to notice.

Dear path are you sad?
Have you awaited my footprints
If so then why do you riddle it with stones an thorns
Your sides are clothed, grass green and blossomed
Still you choose to be nude

You bear the child of your last conqueror
Are they your scars
Or do you cherish them as souvenirs
My feet hurt less and less as I walk
Is it your lovely caressing?

Once I was new to you
Am I know yours to cradle?
My feet’s gashes, on you leave a red trail
Does this blood we share make us family
I have conquered the path I walked
Does it make you my master
Am I waking towards my goal
Or am I choosing the way you lead me

Maybe I am the searcher
But my dear I am also the search
Yet I myself am also the query
Maybe I am just yours
Maybe I am you


Comments about A Path’s Logic

Indeed it's logical Jathin.
yea path...........pathwalker and the goal are one..............Good Write..........
Wow, what a conundrum to understand initially. But as I rescanned the text, I realized the depth of your words and the complexity of the path. Very brilliantly designed poem.
wow what a deep path your walking in i like the poem though
Very cleverly penned, yes a path goes ahead and we leave it behind and what we do along this path...time will tell? Cindy

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