Death comes for you, comes for us all
But when he comes, will you stand tall?
Or will you slowly fade away
And let the Reaper take you that day
No I will face my death full on
I will fight from dusk ‘til dawn
And when I lose for we all do
I'll give the world one last ado

by Tim Vallie

Comments (3)

Very nice poem that expresses the deepest feeling of oneself. Keep up the good work...
Very prescient, your exploring a very large existential mountain that everyone goes, but I like your approach. But what happens when we get to the dead end? Do we turn around and run away so we can try again? To try to win a race with no end. Or is the dead end ware our true journey begins? I could see this sung.
wow thats deep. makes me think. it kinda reminds me of a poem called path less taken its by a famous author but i cant remember his name at the moment: / but anyway this is a really good poem i really like this one :)