(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

A Patience Stops

To discontinue the act of it done...
When mistakes are repeated.
And people appear less sincere,
With the giving of their apologies.
To then begin to start again,
A familiar routine of the same misdeeds...
With a belief the use of innocence,
And a practiced sincerity...
Is all one needs to show evidence,
Whatever is done they admit guilt to do...
Will eventually free them to be forgiven.
Hoping the facts will be scratched and erased,
From memories by dropping a few tears to leave.
But a patience stops when a performance too redundant,
Bores those who listen with intent to forgive.
And something happens 'miraculously' to prevent this!
Loud is their own weeping from their own eyes.
To their ears to hear.

'It's so sad.
Isn't it? '

That performance is the worse I've ever heard.~

Pass around this box of tissue.'

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