(31 May 1819 - 26 March 1892 / New York / United States)

Diesel Stove

Winter was too cold At these days, so My dad had to equip the diesel stove To have it in the sitting room whereas Winter was about to come... Fall and Winter were cold and They were different from The Fall and the Winter of these days, We were kids, Me, my brothers, and my sisters in addition To my my late granddad and my late Grandmother where they used to come down to Share us... And so the stove was everything in Winter... Some people are still using these stoves up To date.... __________________________________________________________________________________________

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beautiful The net is drawn in by a windlass by those who stop ashore, Some of the fishermen lounge in their boats, others stand ankle-deep in the water, pois'd on strong legs, The boats partly drawn up, the water slapping against them, Strew'd on the sand in heaps and windrows, well out from the water, the green-back'd spotted mossbonkers.
honing his description of the observed was Walt
My fellow New Yorker I am very proud of.
Drawn Up! ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.
The great Walt Whitman.......... and all his thoughts are really wonderful. tony
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